January 13, 2022

What are your New Year's resolutions for 2022?

I don’t know about you, but I have to admit that New Year’s resolutions were never my strong point. The truth is that by the first week of January, among questions like “How did the holidays pass so soon?” and “How is it possible to still have food left from New Year’s feast?”, I usually fall into the trap of composing such a list, I am that kind of person, the one that makes lists. Each time though, or actually, each year, somewhere between planning and realization, I probably sabotage myself…

Don’t worry, I’m not one of those “new year, new me” people (what was the problem with the old me anyway?). I don’t expect for things to magically change at 00:01 on 1/1 and yes, time is a human construct, but since the majority of the western world has marked that day to start recounting the rotation of our little tiny ball around that big bright one, maybe this is an excuse for a “better me”.

For this year’s attempt for self-improvement, I decided I needed allies. “There is no strength without unity”, don’t they say? Hence, TEDxAUTH and I asked you to share with us your own New Year’s Resolutions. Here are some of them:

“I want to travel abroad at least once” “I want to travel as much as possible” Pack your stuff, I’ll pick you up in 10’ (oh, how much have we missed travelling?)

“I want to pass at least one exam” I mean, we took our strolls, we passed our classes, we were on a tight schedule! (what do you mean you also counted every single treat you ate instead of the chapters you studied, shhh no one needs to know)

“I want to decrease my anxiety levels and find a job” Come on, don’t worr… NOPE, that never helped anyone! As someone whose middle name would easily be ‘anxiety’, I send you an online #covidfree hug to support you in this small -or big- fight against our own minds. Spoiler alert: we’ll get through this! Along with the hug, you may also find a good deal of good vibes attached, an extra gift for your upcoming interviews (you got this!)

“I don’t want to lock myself outside the house again” It might come in contrast with some locksmith’s resolutions, but we support you either way!

“I want to remain covid free” My mask, the 10 bottles of hand sanitiser next to me, and I can totally relate. Remember the times when we used to consider 100 cases a lot?! HA-HA-HA * rolls on the floor, crying *

“My degree” “I want to make the grade (said crying)” If I find out what kind of mystical deals I need to make to get my own degree this year, I promise to share it with you… *insert meme here with Oprah saying YOU GET A DEGREE, AND YOU GET A DEGREE, EVERYBODY GETS A DEGREE *

“I want to find a presenter” “I want TEDxAUTH 2022 to be a success” Oh dear, these are our friends! Charity begins at home…

“I want to pay more attention to my mental and physical health” Let’s have 2022 as the year when we will love and take care of ourselves as they truly deserve, to 2022 and beyond!

*sound of a knife tapping on a champagne glass * Thus, I would like to make a toast for our resolutions’ sake. After all, even if we don’t achieve them, it’s okay, we will try again, or we can find new ones, which might in the end be a greater fit for us. So, please, raise your glass and here’s to our resolutions! Here’s to us!


Alexandra Sklavou

Alexandra was born in Athens two years before the change of the millennium, but now lives in Thessaloniki as a student of the Aristotle University. She likes reading books, travelling, drinking countless cups of tea, and talking a bit, (or a lot), more than average. She is a perfectionist, a somewhat know-it-all, but she is full of optimism and has plenty of words of consolation. She hates waking up late because she claims to be "losing half a day" and is the right person to host a unique surprise party.

Kiriaki Arnaouti (she/they)

Born a Drama queen, both literally and figuratively. Her mind is constantly switching back and forth between Greek, English and Spanish but her heart is set on two things only; iced coffee and books. Her Sagittarius nature convinces her that she’s the funniest person alive, but that’s for you to discover!

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