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December 01, 2022

Welcome to my TEDxTalk Ep.0: And suddenly, I saw myself through your eyes

My name is Katerina and, in my journey as a human so far, I have understood a few things. So here I am in front of my computer screen typing these words to make my own attempt to talk to you about two of them: moments and people. Or rather, better, to talk to you about two united in one; a moment ...


November 25, 2022

IRIS: coloring the rainbow

November 2021. In some forgotten offices a name suddenly breaks the silence: "Iris!" a voice is heard from somewhere in the background. They look at each other for a moment. They look around the room in question. The name, as far as they know, does not belong to anyone there. *"Iris!" someone repe...


November 22, 2022

Minimalism: The end of character?

Minimalism is the art movement which commenced post World War II, in visual arts and design, architecture, fashion, music, film, literature and other media. The movement became prominent in Western art of the 1960s and 1970s, even though the term "minimalist" has been used since the early 20th centu...


June 15, 2022

''The masks have fallen'' Photo-Episode B, pt.3

The indeterminate figure approached her, sitting by her side. Her facial features were absent. In their place there was a void instead. An empty anthropomorphic canvas, a terrifyingly scarce image. Uneasiness came over Rosalia. Blurred thoughts overwhelmed her. Questions danced in her mind in a stat...


June 14, 2022

''The masks have fallen'' Photo-Episode B, pt.2

...Rosalia blinked. But when her vision recovered, she was no longer in the closed and gloomy theater in which she had chosen to spend her afternoon. Its four walls had been replaced by rows of trees that spread out for as long as she could see. Its high and ornate ceiling had given its place to the...


June 13, 2022

''The masks have fallen'' Photo-Episode B, pt.1

It was one of those spring days where nature itself seemed to conspire for your happiness. Rosalia woke up quite early that morning, she is one of those people who enjoy their routine and find relief in the eternal repetition of their movements. So she made her favorite drink, black tea with two spo...


June 09, 2022

Overthinking my overthinking

Overthinking. A rather imaginative term to describe excessive thinking. Or perhaps even better I would say, overanalyzing. Over everything. You are considering and calculating every parameter in a way that probably stresses-confuses-harms you rather than leads you to a conclusion. And the truth is...


June 07, 2022

The magic of being human

A while ago, I found myself in a place with people from at least 20 different countries and I immediately thought that the biggest thing that separated us was the language barrier. Nevertheless, we were all willing to overcome this obstacle and willing to connect, get to know each other, exchange id...


June 02, 2022

We are Schrödinger's cats with unlimited capabilities

I am not a physicist, especially a quantum physicist, but I do have a fondness for cats and a love for Schrödinger’s cat, especially for what it represents, metaphorically speaking.

Schrödinger's cat is a mental experiment, also described as a paradox. It was invented by the Austrian physicist Erwi...

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