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January 20, 2022

Modern-day Bohemian Rhapsody or Do schools kill intelligence?

Picture this: One day, a persistent beeping sound wakes you up earlier than your brain can function. It’s not the construction site next door, just your alarm marking 7:00 am. You’re forced to get up and perform everyday tasks of personal hygiene and maintenance, only you’re not sure whether this is...


January 18, 2022

To see and be seen; the gaze in cinematic narratives

“When you look at somebody they’re also always looking at you. . . Of course, it’s political but it’s also about cinema.”*

While I was in the Netherlands as an Erasmus exchange student, I enrolled in some gender studies courses, trying to dig deeper into feminist theory and history. “Sexuality in...


January 16, 2022

Are poets still around?

“How fate and time brought about not listening to a poet”, wrote Manos Eleftheriou around the 70s, in his poem “Gilded Words (Malamatenia loyia)”. A poem set to music, an almost throbbing hit for summer concerts, as the audience sings with friends and loved ones.

The path is long-winded, overwhel...


January 13, 2022

What are your New Year's resolutions for 2022?

I don’t know about you, but I have to admit that New Year’s resolutions were never my strong point. The truth is that by the first week of January, among questions like “How did the holidays pass so soon?” and “How is it possible to still have food left from New Year’s feast?”, I usually fall into...


December 27, 2021

Golden Blood

Sensitive content warning: reference to blood

Terms such as ‘hair color’, ‘eye color’, ‘body type’, or ‘height’, bring about different thoughts and connotations in mind. If we take a careful look, though, we realize that there is common ground between them. They constitute characteristics that...


December 23, 2021

Why can’t we measure Great Britain’s coastline?

Since the dawn of humanity, maths and geometry have been proven to be very useful and critical tools in the process of deciphering the world around us. Many claim that these sciences are “the language of the universe,” and for a good reason: nature is indissolubly linked with mathematical notions, f...


December 21, 2021

''Waiting for Godot'' or Our tendency to live in the future

Better days are coming! But, in the meantime, what happens with the ones already here?

Whether we admit it or not, humans love dreaming…when we are awake. We spend endless hours imagining our future. Not a distant future with flying cars, trips to Mars and robot-servants, but our close and personal...


December 16, 2021

Body shaming: a common bullying technique

Body shaming is known as the tendency of people to criticize others or even themselves based solely on their appearance. It has always been a thing, but in modern times, especially through the extensive use of social media and the subsequent provided anonymity, this phenomenon is in a bigger outbrea...


December 14, 2021

The (self) restriction of expressing feelings

In general, we humans tend to set obstacles, giving ourselves a hard time. We overanalyze situations, dive into a chaotic vortex of thoughts, dramatize events, and, finally, drown in a spoonful of water. We end up not expressing what we want and not doing what we wish, guided by unnecessary precauti...

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